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Mt. Vernon

Lisa is a single mother of 4 children struggling with multiple serious health-related challenges. She lost her husband unexpectedly last year…


Mt. Vernon

Stephanie is a single mother of six. Her youngest is a year old. She is currently on disability leave…


New Rochelle

Helen is a single mom raising five children. Her youngest is two years old. The assistance she receives is not enough to cover the cost of her family expenses…


Mt. Vernon

Rose is a single mother of three. Two of her children require special services. Rose is not working…


Mt. Vernon

Alice is a single grandmother raising a grandson. She recently had to move since they were unable to afford rent…


Mt. Vernon

Samantha is a single mother raising two children. Unfortunately, Samantha suffered a health incident and, since then, has not been able to work…


Mt. Vernon

Rachel is a single mother raising a son. She is working part-time and struggling to make ends meet…


Mt. Vernon

Julie is a guardian aunt of two children and struggling to make ends meet. Any assistance would be helpful for Julie during this challenging time.


Mt. Vernon

Anna and her husband are senior citizens who have adopted and are raising a child together. The social father is unable to work due to a health condition…



Emma is a single mother with six children, four of whom have special needs. She was let go from one of her jobs due to Covid-19…



Alicia, an amazing single mother of 4, is struggling to pay for food, clothing, and other needed resources for her school-aged children. Alicia has a physical disability and cannot work…


White Plains

Esmeralda lives with her partner and two children and occupy a single room in a rented home…


White Plains

Valentina, a single mother and victim of domestic violence, lives with her 5 children.


White Plains

Maria, a single mother and victim of domestic violence, lives with her 2 young boys.


White Plains

Sofia, a single mother, has one child. She has immigration concerns and no consistent income.