Matthew had both a stroke and heart surgery in the past 5 years and, based on lasting effects from these health conditions, he is unable to work. His diability check of $1000 typically gets him through the month but recently his rent was increased dramatically to $925. With only $75 left, he is unable to pay his electric bills, food bills and phone bills. He has turned to the local food pantry for food and has stretched his household goods as much as possible. When last we spoke with Matthew, he was down to two toilet paper rolls and no toothpaste. But he continues to be thankful for the help he has received thus far. He would greatly appreciate help with groceries (especially to get fruit, vegetables and dairy product which are not provided by the food pantry) and toiletries.

Matthew’s current needs include:

  • Toiletries (toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, dish washing liquid, laundry detergent)
  • Target gift card
  • Stop N Shop gift cards

Consider teaming up with a friend to meet all of Matthew’s needs!