Time and time again, we have seen this community come together in ways both big and small to reach out and help one another. Our experience of COVID-19 is no exception. The examples of generosity and compassion – the stories and not just the numbers; the individuals and not just the money – are inspiring. 

How can we sustain and strengthen this core virtue? How can we deepen and diversity our efforts to reach out? 

Our answer is one connection at a time: one family reaching out to another, our community reaching out to our neighbors. 

Challenges can befall a person, a family, or a neighborhood at any time. By matching those facing difficulties to those with means, we aim to build these connections. And by focusing on individual relationships, we are creating a space for each person’s uniqueness of circumstance and mutual dignity in giving and receiving.

How It Works

Our partners identify neighbors

Reach out to a neighbor

Connect based on initial needs

Grow the relationship