Time and time again, we have seen this community come together in ways both big and small to reach out and help one another. Our experience of COVID-19 is no exception. The examples of generosity and compassion – the stories and not just the numbers; the individuals and not just the money – are inspiring. 

How can we sustain and strengthen this core virtue? How can we deepen and diversify our efforts to reach out? 

Our answer is one connection at a time: one family reaching out to another, our community reaching out to our neighbors. 

Challenges can befall a person, a family, or a neighborhood at any time. By matching those facing difficulties to those with means, we aim to amplify the amazing generosity and compassion of the  Pelham community.

How It Works

Our partners identify neighbors

Reach out to a neighbor

Connect based on needs

(Team up with a friend to fulfill all of a family’s needs!)