Beverly is a cancer survivor and has had subsequent surgeries to manage her many health issues. Despite the continued pain from radiation, she still cares for her four (4) grandkids (ages 7, 8, 9 and 15). The childrens’ mother left, and their father has been absent. But Beverly believes the Lord is keeping her and the family and providing for them.

Beverly currently works 30 hours a week (which was reduced due to the pandemic). She is hoping to get additional hours at work but in the meantime she relies on the local food pantry and church for donations (e.g books and clothing for the children). She would be thankful for any help with additional summer clothing for the children, cookware, basic household goods and additional food (especially to get fruit, vegetables and dairy product which are not provided by the food pantry).

Beverly’s current needs include:

  • Winter clothes
    • 7yo – girl (S)
    • 8 yo – girl (M)
    • 9 yo – boy (S)
    • 15yo – boy (M)
  • Pot and pans set (sample linked here)
  • Sheet sets and blankets (samples linked below)
  • Household goods (laundry and dish detergent)
  • Target gift card
  • Stop N Shop or Shoprite gift card – This is the most urgent need.

Consider teaming up with a friend to meet all of Beverly’s needs!