Pelham Together

The Pelham PACT Coalition (PACT) and Pelham’s Community Care Center (CCC) have joined forces, recognizing the complementary strengths of each organization, to become a community-based organization with a mission of greater breadth and depth in an effort to ensure the very best for Pelham’s youth and families.
As a newly formed joint effort, Pelham Together will advocate for and develop empowered youth, engaged adults, and energized community partners, harnessing the shared sense of responsibility that makes Pelham so unique.
The role of Pelham Together will be to connect our community, inform our families, and elevate our young people.
We believe the Pelham community depends on all of us, a collective “we”, to be actively involved with a shared sense of responsibility. The underlying mission is to ensure a healthy and vibrant community for and with the youth of Pelham.
Our community coalition is made up of all sectors in the community including schools, youth, parents, businesses, local government, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, faith-based organizations, civic / volunteer organizations, youth-serving organizations, media, and prevention experts exemplifying the need for everyone to be involved in support of our youth.