Pelham Civic Association

We have been serving the needs of the Pelham community since 1939. Those needs have changed over time, as have the community and its residents, but the commitment of our organization has remained the sameā€”and grown.
Today, our 150+ member/volunteers do a terrific job in making sure every dollar we raise goes directly back to the Pelham community in the form of support for our various programs for seniors, youth, disabled and the needy.
– to make charitable donations to, or to perform charitable acts to assist, the youth, the financially needy, the physically and mentally challenged, and the senior citizens residing in the Town of Pelham
– to contribute donations to, or otherwise assist, other not-for-profit organizations formed to provide similar help to the same group of Pelham residents
– to promote civic-minded involvement and activities by the Association’s members and others
– to encourage community spirit and pride
– to give service, advice, and appropriate support for worthwhile community projects and programs
– to provide a forum for discussion with community groups, organizations and elected and non-elected officials
– to promote a sense of brotherhood and a fraternal spirit among the membership and their families