Patricia recently lost her job. Her husband is still working but doesn’t make enough to feed the household. They take their 3 kids to the local soup kitchen for meals. Below are the family’s most urgent needs:

  • Winter Clothes & Shoes/Boots
    • Men’s size 9 shoes; 32 pants; Medium tops
    • Women’s size 7 shoes; Medium tops
    • 16 yo girl size 7 shoes; Small tops
    • 9 yo girl size 3 shoes; 10/12 clothes
    • 7 yo boy size 2 shoes; 8/9 clothes
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Household Items (e.g. laundry detergent, dish detergent, cleaning supplies, etc.)

You can also fulfill the above needs by providing a gift card (at a denomination of your choosing) to Amazon, Target and/or Walmart. Amazon and Shoprite are preferred gift cards.

(Consider teaming up with a friend to meet all of Alice’s needs!)