Lisa is a single mother of 4 children struggling with multiple serious health-related challenges. She lost her husband unexpectedly last year; and though she receives disability income, it is not sufficient to make ends meet.

Below are Lisa’s current needs:

  • Winter coats
    • 3X-4X
    • XL for 14 year old daughter
  • Underwear and bra (46D).
  • Groceries, either:
    • Stop n Shop or Foodtown grocery store gift card; OR
    • Milk, fresh fruit (e.g. bananas, apples), cereal (frosted flakes) , ground beef, chicken, hotdogs, bread, soup, pancakes, peanut butter and jelly, ramen noodles.

You can also fulfill the above needs by providing a gift card (at a denomination of your choosing) to Amazon, Target and/or Walmart.

(Consider teaming up with a friend to meet all of Lisa’s needs!)