Helen is a single mom raising five children. Her youngest is two years old. The assistance she receives is not enough to cover the cost of her family expenses. Helen is currently at home focused on raising her five children.

Below are Helen’s current needs:

  • Sheets/Comforters/Quilts/blankets
    • 5 twin size beds
    • 1 queen
  • For the holidays:
    • 5 yo: Game Stop gift card, air fryer (to try to make French fries!)
    • 4 yo boy: HP laptop, Video game for PS4 (Call Avengers)
    • Toddler boy: 3 wheel scooter, vtech count or win sports center toddler basketball and soccer smart toy, pink font baby shark official dancing dj, tablet, baby shark slippers size 9 toddler, socks, size 3 jacket, pj mask size 3-4 pull ups, size 9 boots toddler.
    • Toddler boy: 3 wheel scooter, Ryan’s world Micro Figure 10 pack, leapfrog leap reader learn to read 10 book bundle reading system, 26 English Matching letter game, Ryan’s slippers size 12 toddler, socks, Ryan’s world size 6 small brief underwear, Hanes boys underwear small 6-8, boots size 12 toddler.
    • 2 yo girl: Universal hoverboard charger, Baby alive baby grow up grow and talk, 2 My little pony, cra 2 Art be inspired real spa salon, Bluetooth CDG karaoke machine, bathbombs, Gift card to store pink.

You can also fulfill the above needs by providing a gift card (at a denomination of your choosing) to Amazon, Target and/or Walmart as well as Stop n Shop and Shoprite (where Helen shops for groceries).

(Consider teaming up with a friend to meet all of Helen’s needs!)