Alicia, an amazing single mother of 4, is struggling to pay for food, clothing, and other needed resources for her school-aged children. Alicia has a physical disability and cannot work. The assistance she receives is not enough to cover the cost of her family expenses. One child in the family worked while attending college but, due to having a compromised immune system, can no longer support the family. The donations will greatly benefit the family, alleviate Alicia’s daily financial stressors and keep her family safe.

Alicia’s current needs are listed below:

  • Food
  • Clothing (Fall/Winter) 
    • Boy (10)
    • Girls (6&4)
  • Tablets (2) 
  • Bedding – most urgently needed
    • WARM COMFORTER/QUILT (House is very cold)

You can also fulfill the above needs by providing a gift card (at a denomination of your choosing) to Amazon, Target and/or Walmart.

(Consider teaming up with a friend to meet all of Alicia’s needs!)